I have been a fan of Easton products, many years before I was one of their sponsored athletes.
I was lucky enough to attend the University of Arizona at a time, when they allowed each of us to chose the make and model of bat that we felt was best for us.

Not taking this option lightly, I did some very extensive testing on various bat manufactures, included in my testing was; ball exit speed, distance, durability – slow motion bat path video recording, and how the bat felt when the ball came off it.

As a result, I spent the next 3 college seasons, swinging an Easton Bat where my HomeRun production skyrocketed, ending my college career with 72 home runs.

Now playing in the National Professional Fastpitch league (NPF), I am thrilled to now represent the Easton Product at the Pro Level. I continue to swing an Easton Bat (Which I just LOVE), I wear their catching gear, which really fits well (not clunky like other catchers gear), it’s very durable -and it looks great, too!

The link above it to the Easton Line of “Hit Lab Training Aids” that I only wish was available to me earlier in my career, but now that it’s out, I take full advantage of every piece of it – And so should you!

If you have any questions regarding any of the Easton Products, feel free to reach out to me.

Keep Swingin’ for the Fence!

Chelesea Goodacre
USSSA Pride / Catcher